Benefits of Home Inspectors for Realtors


The REALTOR page provides information to assist real estate agents in their knowledge and understanding on the role and value KBar Assessments home inspection services can provide to their clients and subsequent benefit to their business from enhanced customer satisfaction.

Home Buyers and Sellers look to their Realtor to represent their best interests and provide reliable information and resources required to facilitate a successful real estate transaction. (Also see, NAR 2002 Homebuyer & Seller ProfileNARHBHS02.pdf)

A home inspection is one of the critical steps in the transaction process, which clients often rely on their Realtor for guidance in addressing.  The qualifications and level of customer service provided by a home inspector can be the definitive factor in the ultimate outcome of the real estate transaction. This is due to it importance in a clients ability to make an informed and confident purchase decision.  For this reason most Realtors provide their clients with a referral list of one or more home inspectors they believe will help facilitate the transaction.

However successful Realtors know, theres much more to the value and role of a qualified home inspector and their inspection.  The clients ultimate experience and satisfaction is based on meeting, or exceeding, the clients expectations.  Which translates into long-term relationships and success of a Realtors service business.

Consider This:

–       According to a *joint industry study, Home Buyers scored home inspections at a 4.51 (scale of 1 to 5, 5 being strongly agree) as increasing their purchase confidence.

–       The home inspectors qualifications and quality of service can help establish realistic expectations and set a positive experience for the client. Conversely, consider the alternative of substandard qualifications and service quality.

–       A clients satisfaction depends on their experience and how well their expectations are met.

–       Satisfied clients generate repeat and referral business.

*National Association of Realtors (NAR) & American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) 2001 Home Inspection Study   (NAR & ASHI 2001 Home Inspection Study.pdf)

The following quiz is designed to help the Realtor better assess their current position on key criteria in choosing a qualified home inspector.   If you, as a Realtor, agree with the above role and value a home inspection and qualified inspector can play in your business, through your clients satisfaction, then you are encouraged to consider these criteria carefully with respect to the inspectors you currently refer or consider in the future.

Considerations to qualifying a home inspector

to serve your clients and your business

  1. How would you rate the value of a home inspection to:
  2. Your clients interests?                                          (low) 1  2  3  4  5 (high)
  3. Your business through your clients satisfaction? (low) 1  2  3  4  5 (high)
  4. How important to you are the following criteria in qualifying a home inspector(s) as a personal referral to your client
  5. Known Standard of Practice (e.g., ASHI)?       (low) 1  2  3  4  5 (high)
  6. Competence (education/training/experience)?            1  2  3  4  5
  7. Thoroughness/Attention to Detail?                                 1  2  3  4  5
  8. Objectivity?                                                                       1  2  3  4  5
  9. Report Style and Quality?                                               1  2  3  4  5
  10. Insurance (liability/ E&O)?                                               1  2  3  4  5
  11. Quality of Service/Reputation?                                       1  2  3  4  5
  12. Price?                                                                                1  2  3  4  5
  13. Have you carefully considered these or similar qualifying criteria for the inspectors you refer to your clients?                                       Y / N
  14. Would you be interested in learning more about the services of a qualified home inspector that can help your business through your clients satisfaction in a higher standard home inspection?                                        Y / N

As you would with any resource reflecting the quality of your business services to your clients, we encourage you to use these criteria as a staring point in interviewing current and future home inspectors.

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